When I boil a piece of frozen chicken, it foams up. Any idea why is that?

Answer Does this with pork also,Its a type of proteins being boiled off and separating from the meat. Fat.

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How long do you boil a chicken for chicken salad?

According to Food Network chef and cookbook author Jamie Oliver, a whole chicken should only boil for a couple of minutes. The temperature should then be lowered to a simmer and the chicken cooked ... Read More »

How to Boil Water in a Piece of Paper?

Here's how to boil water in a jungle or at a picnic when you aren't carrying utensils with you.You just need a piece of paper and a small burner or a stove.

Do you boil raw frozen shrimp?

You can boil raw, frozen shrimp, but only after defrosting them first. Take them out of their package, place them in a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight. Or, put them in a plastic bag in the si... Read More »

How long do you boil frozen crab legs?

Frozen crab legs should be defrosted in a refrigerator for eight hours prior to preparing them, as this will preserve the flavor of the meat. Bring a pot of water to boil and simmer defrosted crab ... Read More »