When I Scan there is a bright line in the middle?

Answer It might be that the paper is bent in the middle but it might be the light of the scanner getting really light in the middle

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When i scan a document from my scanner a black line appears straight down the middle?

Clean it again. If you're using the document feeder you will see a speck of dust on the thin spot where the document passes over the scanning head. If you're using the scanning bed then there's eit... Read More »

There is a line in the middle of my s3 screen when i open my camera, what is the cause of that?

If your problem is only 2 days old take the product back for a refund!

There is a blue veritical line in the middle of my laptop screen! how can I get rid of it?

Get your laptop repaired. This is a defect in one of the column drivers in the LCD screen. This is a hardware part not software so physically replacing the screen is the only thing that will help. ... Read More »

My computer isn't bright when I turn it on, unless I plug it in. How do i make it bright?

My acer does the same thing, you need to change the power setting its on. My laptop has three power settings, powersaver, balanced and high performance. The Balanced and High performance have the b... Read More »