When I Scan there is a bright line in the middle?

Answer It might be that the paper is bent in the middle but it might be the light of the scanner getting really light in the middle

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When i scan a document from my scanner a black line appears straight down the middle?

Clean it again. If you're using the document feeder you will see a speck of dust on the thin spot where the document passes over the scanning head. If you're using the scanning bed then there's eit... Read More »

How do you cover bright pink bright orange bright blue and bright green paint with chocolate brown paint?

Bug bite is swollen, painful and bright red and the middle is hard looks like a bulls eye?

This sounds like a common boil. The heat and antibiotics are the best for these.I would think any doctor could recognize these. My GP took one quick look and knew what mine was.(sounds like what yo... Read More »

I am in the middle of a scan and it says Trojan Horse Generic5.Vin?

If you in the middle of a scan and it gives you that message, hopefully your Anti-Virus solution will contain it and place it inside the virus vault, from there you can delete it.Otherwise I would ... Read More »