When I Save Animations as GIFs, They No Longer Move- What Am I Doing Wrong?

Answer If they were moving on the web page that you saved them from, then they will also move when you open them with your own browser from the FILE menu, pointing to the place on your disk where they wer... Read More »

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What is my husband doing wrong when he does laundry?

He may be using water that is too hot, stuffing the washer too full, or combining items that are not compatible. Washing towels with other fabrics may cause lint balls. He may be using too much det... Read More »

My TV is taking longer and longer to come on, any idea what could be wrong?

Probably a power supply problem. Many LCD tvs are having problems with bulging capacitors on the power boards. Some people can fix them themselves. Try a search for your exact model + capacitor ... Read More »

How to Realize when the Sport You Are Doing Is No Longer Fun?

Sports are a fun thing to do put if you feel that you are no longer having fun then stop. If you don't know it's not fun then follow the article steps.

Buzz when hooking up audio/video system. What am I doing wrong?

The CATV coax is a common source of 60 hz hum. It picks up the noise from outside your house and injects it into your electronics.You have some choices:- Call your CATV company and insist they come... Read More »