When Does the Narwhal Bacon?

Answer It is quite sad that you put this in yahoo answers, the answer is midnight, no that does not give you permission to contact me

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Why does bacon grease save way longer than bacon?

Fat from any meat will go rancid in time, but lasts much longer than the meat which has more free radicals in it.

Bacon Turkey Bacon Or Canadian Bacon Which do you like better?

Bacon and only bacon. I do not eat any of that other crap. I lovee bacon.Night Scooter! :)

How to Draw a Narwhal?

A narwhal is an Arctic whale that has a long tusk, resembling a unicorn. Here is how to draw a simple narwhal

How to Identify a Narwhal?

Narwhals breaching.Do you want to see a narwhal? Have to been studying them for a long term? This is the right guide for you!