When Does a Creditor Get Paid When You Consolidate?

Answer You can reduce your monthly payments and lower the interest rates you pay on your debts by taking out a consolidation loan. Your creditors normally get paid once you have executed the loan agreemen... Read More »

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Will a Creditor Sue?

Credit card companies and other types of creditors are entitled to receive what you owe them. Defaulting on your bills damages your credit score, after which it becomes difficult to get credit. Wha... Read More »

How do I add a creditor in bankruptcy?

Visit your local bankruptcy court immediately if you realize you forgot to list a creditor in your case. If you hired an attorney to represent your financial interests, call him and advise him of y... Read More »

Is It Better to Pay Your Debt Off Through a Creditor?

Paying off a debt through the original creditor is usually a good idea but often is not possible. For example, the original creditor may refuse to accept payment for a delinquent account it has alr... Read More »

Can I Sue a Creditor for Usury?

Usury occurs when a bank or other financial institution loans money to a consumer or business with an illegally high interest rate. Usury is illegal in almost all commercial and consumer-related in... Read More »