When Does Statute of Limitations Commence on New Construction?

Answer A statute of limitations defines the time period in which a crime can be prosecuted or a civil lawsuit can be filed. Generally, the time period starts when the cause of action or wrongdoing occurs.... Read More »

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What is New York's statute of limitations on construction latent defects?

In some instances, cases involving latent defects in construction in New York have not been subject to any statute of limitations. In other situations, the statute of limitation is six years, simi... Read More »

Statute of limitations for construction defects converting apartments to condominiums in Florida?

It is important that you reach out to others for the answer you want. Your board of directors and your property manager or a local construction-defect attorney can help you. It is critical that co... Read More »

When does a statute of limitations begin?

A statute of limitations will start to run from the date of injury or from the date when the injured party should have discovered the injury, depending on state law and the nature of the claim. The... Read More »

When does a statute of limitations start?

The statute of limitations precludes the filing of a civil lawsuit after a specified period of time has elapsed. In most cases, the clock starts ticking on the statute of limitations on the date on... Read More »