When Does Bolting Occur in Plants?

Answer The term "bolt," when referring to plants, is the reaction a plant may have to certain changes in its growing environment which cause it to prematurely develop flowers and seeds too quickly. Many v... Read More »

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Where does photosynthesis occur in plants?

Photosynthesis, which is Greek for "light-putting together," occurs in the leaves of green plants. Chlorophyll in each leaf absorbs sunlight, which stimulates the leaf to combine the water and carb... Read More »

When does respiration occur in plants?

Respiration in plants is constantly occurring, what changes with time is the product. This is because plants breathe both by absorbing oxygen through their pores and releasing carbon dioxide throug... Read More »

Does cellular respiration occur in plants?

While plants synthesize food molecules using photosynthesis, the energy contained within the food molecules is released through cellular respiration. Like animals, plants possess mitochondria to fa... Read More »

Why chlorosis disease occur in plants?

Decrease in Chlorophyll due to less availability of Mg or nitrogen in soil results in Chlorosis in plants as chlorophyll is present in plants and not in animals .