When Do You Prune Grapevines in North Georgia?

Answer The well-known southern muscadine grape thrives in Georgia's coastal and southern regions but will not survive in the harsher northern regions of the state. In north Georgia, successful grape growe... Read More »

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When do I prune grapevines?

Pruning grape vines is best done during the dormant season. The timing will vary by region, but is generally between December and early March. Late winter is best, before the canes begin to bud out... Read More »

How do I prune grapevines?

Prepare for PruningPlan to prune your grapevines in the winter, after all of the leaves have fallen off, but before any new growth appears. Gather pruning shears, a step stool or ladder and a trash... Read More »

How do i prune overgrown grapevines?

Prune in SpringPrune grape vines in the spring, before the vine begins to bud, to remove any damage from winter frosts and freezes. Identify a primary trunk from the ground and prune all branches a... Read More »

How do I prune grapevines for winter?

Identify Wood to be RemovedExamine the grapevine to determine which wood needs to be removed in the winter in preparation for next year's growing season. All 1-year-old canes of growth should be cu... Read More »