When Do You Plant Potatoes and Pumpkins?

Answer Potatoes and pumpkins are ideal plants for starting year-round. While they will not grow year-round, sowing them takes some of the work out of the early spring and summer garden. Plants whose seeds... Read More »

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When do I plant seed potatoes?

Seed potatoes are planted from March to July, depending on the weather and soil. Cold, wet soil may rot the seed potatoes and hard frosts may freeze them. The best time to plant is after the soil h... Read More »

When Do You Plant & Harvest Red Potatoes?

Red potato plants tell you when it's time for harvest by drying up, turning brown and falling over. Since they have a limited storage life, plant them at different times to extend the harvest seaso... Read More »

When can you plant potatoes in Louisiana?

You can plant potatoes as early in the spring/late winter as the ground is workable. The plants can usually handle light frosts, but not ground freezing. Probably February in Louisiana.

Do you plant the eyes of the potato up or down when planting seed potatoes?

When you plant potatoes from seed, they need to go in the ground with the eyes facing up. A common way of planting them is to plant them in small mounds, approximately 3 to 4 inches deep with 2 see... Read More »