When Do You Plant Camellia Begonias?

Answer Camellia begonias (Begonia x tuberhybridus) are shade-loving tuberous begonias that can be used to add a touch of vibrant color to the shady spots in your garden or home landscape. These colorful b... Read More »

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Can i plant begonias?

Nearly anyone can plant begonias. They can be planted in full sunlight or partial shade and should be 9 to 18 inches apart, depending on their size. Begonias will bloom in white, red or pink. Be su... Read More »

How do I plant tuberous begonias?

PreparePlant your begonias after the last frost. Choose a site that gets filtered sunlight or partial shade, and gets good drainage. Do not choose a site that has standing water at any time.Amend t... Read More »

The Time to Plant Begonias?

Native to tropical South America and southern Africa, begonias are versatile plants that grow well in just about any shady spot in a landscape, from pots and planters to borders and flower beds. Fo... Read More »

Are begonias a bulb plant?

A begonia is not a bulb plant. Begonias are often mistaken for bulb plants because the species includes plants that have tubers and rhizomes; however, begonia tubers and rhizomes do not have the ne... Read More »