When Do I Prune Climbing Roses?

Answer On One Hand: Don't Trim Too Much Too FastClimbing and rambling rose plants need two or three years to become established and develop enough top growth to produce blossoms. Before that time, Christo... Read More »

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How to Prune Climbing Miniature Roses?

Climbing miniature roses require specific pruning attention to ensure that they continue to grow healthily.

How to Prune Climbing Roses in the Fall?

Climbing roses need pruning to maintain height, stay healthy and increase the number of flowers. When you prune a climbing rose bush, do so anytime after the cold weather sets in. Prune climbing ro... Read More »

When to prune spring-blooming climbing roses?

Prune spring-blooming climbing roses immediately after flowering, as they bloom on the previous year's wood. Use a clean, sharp tool to make the cuts. Water the roses prior to pruning to reduce sho... Read More »

How do I cut down climbing roses?

When to PruneMake sure you have a climbing rose, not a rambler. Climbing roses have leaves in groups of five leaflets. Prune climbing roses after the first 2 or 3 years of growth, after a system of... Read More »