When Coloring Frosting How Do I Get Bright Blue?

Answer Brightly colored frosting can add an appealing touch to any desert. It gives the food a fun and artistic edge, and attracts people to admire the work of the baker and try it out. Frosting is typica... Read More »

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How do you cover bright pink bright orange bright blue and bright green paint with chocolate brown paint?

Does food coloring change the flavor of frosting?

Only to the most delicate of palates. Although, the colour of the icing will have a psychological effect on the eater, so they may believe it tastes different, but in fact it'll just be in their mi... Read More »

Why does purple come out of the printer bright blue?

How could I temporarily dye my hair bright blue?

The only way I know of, is going to Sally's Beauty supply store. And they have this spraycan stuff by a brand called "Beyond the Zone" and it comes in all different have colors. get the blue one..y... Read More »