When Caster oil doesnt work is nipple stimulation better?

Answer I'm 37 weeks and am experiencing the same thing. I wake up in the middle of the night with lower back pain and then all day feel as though I have to go, but can't. So I think this is probably normal.

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Will nipple stimulation cause labor at 38 weeks and 1 cm dilated?

I'm sure you hate hearing people say this, but there is no way to determine how far off labour is by these statistics. As you may well know, dilation refers to the cervical opening, effacement to t... Read More »

You are dilated to a one what can help you dilate some more and how effective would nipple stimulation be at this point?

nipple stimualtion is pretty effective but if not done correctly it can bring really strong contractions. I was told to use a breat pump for 5 minutes then to do a few sets of warm compressions and... Read More »

Does caster oil work at 35 weeks?

On One Hand: Castor Oil May Induce LaborPregnant women have used using castor oil to attempt to induce labor for years. Castor oil is thought to work in several possible ways, including causing spa... Read More »

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