When Can a Creditor Sue You for a Debt They Just Bought?

Answer A debt collector purchasing a debt can file a civil lawsuit to collect the entire balance owed. The timing depends on how soon the debt collector initially contacts the debtor, and whether the debt... Read More »

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I just bought new speakers for my computer and hooked them up.why aren't they working?

maybe you didn't hook them in right or something. Or your volume may be low, or maybe your keyboard has a mute button for the sound on it. if it does, then press it.

I just bought a dell 17 inch new computer they don't give you a service manual?

If it is one of those flat panel screens, you will need to get a spray bottle of LCD screen cleaner. That seems to work better than everything else. If you have a standard CRT screen with the glass... Read More »

Can a creditor sue you while you are in a debt consolidation program?

Credit counseling that involves debt consolidation does not guarantee that a creditor won't sue. However, a credit counseling service can go to bat for you. It can work out a satisfactory payment a... Read More »

How long can a creditor hold a debt against you?

The statute of limitations on debt varies by state. Generally, a creditor or collector can pursue a debt up to six years after the last date of activity. Some states, however, may allow up to 15 ye... Read More »