When Buying Make-up, do brand names matter?

Answer Yes brand name does matter. If you buy the cheap stuff it tends to be of lesser quality. For example, cheap eyeliner does not apply as smoothly as a brand new eye liner. The brand name companies... Read More »

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Does the brand of a pc really matter?

The "unknowns" usually use much the same components as the bigger names, it's only the care with which they assemble it that differs. Usually the "Names" have better support and technical departmen... Read More »

Does it really matter if you get a brand name tv?

The downside is that you play COD4 on it and not Halo 3.

Does it matter what brand your monitor is?

should work but the picture will not be as crisp as a new one

Does the brand of motorcycle battery matter?

On One Hand: Manufacturers Recommend Their Own BrandMost motorcycle manufacturers recommend that you use their brand of battery. However, comparable brands may be cheaper and just as effective. The... Read More »