When Brakes Need Replacing Do They Squeal a Lot?

Answer Proper car maintenance is the responsibility of every vehicle owner, especially when it comes to making sure your brakes are functioning. Brakes wear out over time with ordinary driving and car usa... Read More »

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Do I Need to Bleed Brakes When Replacing Pads?

Replacing brake pads and bleeding of brakes are both normal parts of routine brake maintenance, but they are not necessarily connected one to the other. Changing the brake pads does not necessarily... Read More »

When Replacing Disc Brakes Do Rotors Need to Be Turned?

The quick answer to whether rotors need to be turned (also known as machined or resurfaced) is no. Turning the rotor removes it from the vehicle and brings it to a lathe or employs an on-car lathe,... Read More »

Can CV Joints Squeal When They Are Cold and Bad?

Constant Velocity joints or CV joints are a flexible coupling which allows the outer wheel to steer the car. The shaft behind the wheel turns the wheel and moves in an up-and-down motion along with... Read More »

Why Bike Brakes Squeal?

Squealing brakes is a common problem that bicyclists encounter. Bicycle brakes that squeal are usually in good condition and can be easily fixed. Noisy brakes may need to be "toed-in," changed or... Read More »