When Are Pecans Ripe in Georgia?

Answer According to the Georgia Pecan Commission, Georgia is the leading pecan producer in the United States, providing 88 million pounds of pecans per year. Pecans ripen in fall and the peak harvesting m... Read More »

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Squirels have knocked pecans off tree. Will pecans ripen off the tree?

Once fully ripened, the hust around the pecan will have dried and opened so that the pecan inside is exposed. At this time, wind, rain, or some other external force causes some of the pecans to fal... Read More »

How to Harvest Pecans?

Pecans in a five gallon bucket before sorting and cleaning.Pecans are nuts grown throughout much of the southern U.S., as well as other locations, that are a favorite with many bakers and confectio... Read More »

How to Toast Pecans?

When you toast nuts like pecans, the result is a more intense flavor. Toasted pecans are a great addition to baked breads or as a topping on salads. They're also a great snack all by themselves. To... Read More »

How to Shell Pecans?

Shelled pecan halvesWhether you plan to eat them plain or roasted, or are going to use them in your favorite pie recipe, before pecans are eaten, they must be shelled and cleaned. Here are the step... Read More »