Wheezing like crazy an I don't have my inhaler.?

Answer Two things. Drink hot water. And do pursed lip breathing. Inhale through your nose, exhale through pursed lips. (Like you are puckering to kiss someone.) Make the breaths deep if you can.

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Why is your dog wheezing?

Dogs---just like their human best friends---can suffer all sorts of breathing ailments. They may have allergies or breathing problems brought on by cold-like illnesses. Wheezing in dogs, as it turn... Read More »

Wheezing After a Lobectomy?

The purpose of having a lobectomy is to prevent the spread of cancer within the lungs or to other body parts. Lobectomies additionally treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Emphysem... Read More »

Do certain foods cause wheezing?

Wheezing occured following treatment with cosopt opthalmic solution. Cosopt was d/c'd about two weeks ago, but slight wheezing persists.

Why is my dog coughing&wheezing?

Many conditions can cause coughing, which is simply a result of an irritation in the airway. Only a few are accompanied by wheezing. Wheezing is heard when there is less airflow through the windpip... Read More »