Wheel Bearing Replacement Instructions for a '99 GMC Sierra?

Answer The "Sierra" nomenclature in GMC’s lineup of pickups began in 1975, but the maker used different variations of “Sierra” to indicate the trim level of its existing C- and K-series pickups. The... Read More »

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1999 GMC Sierra Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Instructions?

The pickup truck is a long-time icon of classic Americana that has been used for commercial work by farmers, construction workers and businesses, as well as for everyday transportation. The GMC Sie... Read More »

Dodge R2500 Wheel Bearing Replacement Instructions?

A bad wheel bearing on the Dodge R2500 is evident when you hear grinding, or a loud, roaring sound coming from the wheels when you are driving the truck. When the bearings get to this point, you wi... Read More »

Silverado Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Instructions?

You are driving down the road and hear a grinding in your front end. This could be the front wheel bearing, especially if you can feel it in the steering wheel. The Silverado has a one piece hub th... Read More »

2000 Cavalier Wheel Bearing Replacement Instructions?

The wheel bearings in your 2000 Chevy Cavalier serve two purposes: The first purpose is to support the weight of the car and allow the wheel to roll smoothly; the second purpose is to allow torque ... Read More »