What's your tried and true method for curing a hangover?

Answer Wendyshan, I was actually watching a study on hangovers. This is the true rule you must follow. It states in order not to get super hungover..b/c regardless you will never wake up feeling perfect... Read More »

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Whats the most accurate method for curing diabetes?

although there is no permanent cure for diabetes till today, it can be managed by monitoring diet, exercise and by taking insuline. but scientist have invented two methods, 1. inhaler :- through wh... Read More »

Is there a hangover cure that's tried,tested and true?

Awww, poor RP! Are those the residue of the last night? Happy birthday one more time!Have some steaming tomato soup (homemade, please) with a spoonful of vinegar in it. It really helps. Don't ask m... Read More »

Whats the best medicine for a hangover?

Before you sleep, drink a huge glass of water (alcohol dehydrates you). Then when you wake eat toast and jam (bring your blood sugar up), more water/tea and twoparacetomol. Also, eat something be... Read More »

Whats good to eat if you have a hangover?

a good greasy breakfast, eggs, potatoes, toast and a big glass of extra cold milk!