What's your sobriety record for a work day?

Answer It's been years since I was able to drink on the job. For awhile I worked on a federal installation, bringing alcohol to work could have gotten me in a buttload of trouble. BUT... before that, I di... Read More »

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Whats a program where i can easily record something and will set autotune ALL for free?

There are none for free, but you can get something that will do what you want for a fairly cheap price. A quick Google search will show you the best deals on the Internet..

Ima skater and i wanna know whats a good type of camera to record skate videos?

Well I'd suggest the Panasonic Pv-Gs320 or Gs300 they're both 3ccd. And if you want a fisheye, get a kenko 0.43. it fits perfectly with the gs320(37mm) hope this helped.

Can a car passenger be required to take a sobriety test?

A car passenger cannot be required to take a sobriety test or roadside exercises. According to Tom Nichols, Media Relations, with the Port St. Lucie Police Department, having too much alcohol or an... Read More »

For the recovering Alcoholic, how do I keep myself focused on sobriety?

Two little letters buddy AA, they are a great support if you are honestly looking to eliminate that problem. I have a couple of mechanics who are each others mentors...I saw them when they were ... Read More »