What's your sobriety record for a work day?

Answer It's been years since I was able to drink on the job. For awhile I worked on a federal installation, bringing alcohol to work could have gotten me in a buttload of trouble. BUT... before that, I di... Read More »

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Whats your favorite way to work out?

I like to work out with a friend cause it is more fun and I have the insentive to keep up with it

How far back does work history stay on your record?

For the purposes of employment background checks, a record of work history can go as far back as 10 years,. However, a person's work history begins when he uses his Social Security number to gain e... Read More »

Ok so whats your new name and whats your kids names?

Me: Melissa JadeShiloh NicoleZachary ScottCieran AlexanderAlivia AlanEllena LeighCamille RoseCharity JasmineMake another!

Whats a program where i can easily record something and will set autotune ALL for free?

There are none for free, but you can get something that will do what you want for a fairly cheap price. A quick Google search will show you the best deals on the Internet..