~~ What's your secret ingredient for your best tater salad ?

Answer I have three, Season All, Dash of whipping cream, and French's Mustard :)I love it with ribs but I would love to try it with your Salmon YUM

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What is the secret ingredient to your spaghetti sauce?

Grandmas spagetti sauceextra virgin olive oil1 Package cut pork chops 1/4 inch thick bone in( 6 to 8 chops )1/2 chopped yellow onion1 basket small button mushroom 8 large can hunts brand tomato sau... Read More »

What is the secret ingredient to making the best chili?

On One Hand: It's subjectiveAs the experts at Chili Stuff point out, a special type of bean may be the secret that makes a bowl of chili great for one person, while a particular kind of meat may be... Read More »

Whats your hair secret?

ok i have a few tricksWhen you first get in the shower wash your hair! Then put conditioner in it then leave in the conditioner and click it up with a clip then do what ever you have to do then rin... Read More »

Whats your beauty secret =]?

nice ones=)i like to wear dark gray shirts..long sleeved..because they really bring out my blue eyes and it looks like my eyes are like exotic!i always use a little blue liquid eyeliner on top and ... Read More »