What's your rating on this video out of 5 (do you like it)?

Answer 4/5

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Whats your fav song easy points. (all answers get a high rating)?

How to Find a Video Game by it ESRB rating?

ESRB is a video game rating system that is served in the United States and Canada. It was formed in 1994. They use these ratings: Early Childhood, Everyone, Everyone 10+, Teen, Mature, and Adults O... Read More »

Which digital video camera has the best rating for sound quality?

Wize has the canon vixia s100 listed at close to 100 for best quality sound. If you check question answer sites, they will give you low to high range, per their opinions on the cameras. I can tell ... Read More »

Anyone up for a special 4th Of July rating Food/Drinks On a rating of 1-10 how do you rate these foods->?

1-3 i don't eat meat ^^4) Potato Salad 10! i LOVE potato salad :D5) Lemonade 10!6) Coca Cola Soda 0 :/ no soda please7) Fried Chicken i don't eat meat ^^8) Macaroni Salad 10!9) Regular Salad(Lettuc... Read More »