What's your preference: Gin, Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, or Cognac?

Answer Tequila or whiskey

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IPhone or Blackberry Whats your preference?

If you can afford all the services on Blackberry the blackberry isbetter intigrated if all you want to do is check email andbe able to use the phone services like a cell then Iphonebut with a good ... Read More »

Would you rather drink Tequila or Vodka And which drinks with those 2 alcohols are your favorites?

Tequila!!! (Or was that ... T'Kill Ya?)It makes my clothes fall off!Love a good Margaritaaaaah.I like GOOD vodka but given a choice I'd put a good gin in my martini before I'd use vodka.

Whats your favorite whiskey?

didn't have my first whiskey until this last St. Patrick's day and it was Jameson... must be good cause I was able to handle a decent number of shots lol