What's your opinion on drunk driving?

Answer Drunk driving is bad, mmkay

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Whats your opinion on Cellphones and Driving?

In answer to your first question, I firmly believe that cell phones of any type should be made illegal to use while driving. This includes 'hands free' operable phones. Some states have enacted ... Read More »

In your opinion, is it fair to take advantage of a person that is drunk?

LOL..Yes> When my kids were young ,,thats the only way to get their dad to buy them anything. I would take them to whatever bar he was in and tell them to go ask him for money, in front of his drun... Read More »

How to Keep Your Friend from Driving Drunk?

Stopping a friend from driving under the influence of alcohol may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. But convincing an inebriated buddy won't always be as easy as it sounds. Afte... Read More »

Whats your opinion?

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