What's your most impressive scar how did you get it?

Answer well its around 10, maybe 11 inches of puckered red skin, which smiles at you, and its the end result of an amputation... and theres a 4 inch gash that happened when my motorcycle helmet visor shat... Read More »

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What's the most impressive name on your list, and what's safest combination on your list?

Elise Genevieve is gorgeous! As you know, my favorite combination used to be Genevieve Elise... still love it!I agree about Adrian Michael - strong but safe.Girl Combinations - My most impressive: ... Read More »

What are the 20 most impressive movies you've seen since you've joined yahoo answers?

not sure which ones I've seen before I joined. But I'll guess (not in order)True Grit (remake)Burn After Reading (love the coen bros)Let Me InThe Wind That Shakes the BarleyHowl's Moving CastleSp... Read More »

Whats the most depressing song in your opinion?

Anything by My Chemical Romance.They wind me right up.Useless bunch of morons. It depresses me that people like them,

How to Teach Your Dog to Do Impressive Tricks?

Dogs often become more than just pets. Instead, they are loved members of the family. Teaching your dog to do tricks is a good way to train it, give it exercise and spend time together and play. Te... Read More »