What's your most embarrassing drinking story?

Answer me and a few friends where hanging out in our friends basement and we where drinking captin morgan and cola so where getting really drunk of and a few hours into it we run out of booze. and we don'... Read More »

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Whats your funniest drinking story?

Hm well once at one of my friends parties, I was walking into the house from outside and didn't realize the glass sliding doors were closed, and of course walked into them and broke them off the hi... Read More »

10 pt's for the most embarrassing period story...?

OK i was at a summer party like a end of the year school is ending yaay kinda thing and i had THE BIGGEST CRUSH on this kid in my class so i got my most sexy bikini i could find and i got my period... Read More »

I need a story for embarrassing bruises on my forehead.?

escalator incident, your trousers got caught and you whacked your head of those spiky steps..and seriously maybe some anger management classes!!

Who has the funniest/most embarrassing story about their parents?

English is not my mom's first language, so there are many times she misheard something someone in the house was saying and repeated what she thought she heard. It's usually funny. :)I read in a Co... Read More »