Whats your mom's favourite dish?

Answer pulkas or chapathi or naan or roti With malai kofta\m/

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Whats ur favourite dish.?

Whats your favourite Fish dish?

Steamed Haddock,or a nice pan fried plaice,or prawns in a spicy batter,and not forgetting,big juicy cockles.

Whats your bad habit, Moms?

My SIL used to work at a tanning salon, so tanning was my bad habit for a while-I could tan for free whenever I wanted.Now-Diet Coke I don't think I could live a day without Diet Coke lol.EDIT: Ne... Read More »

Hey moms! whats your opinions on the breastfeeding doll?

Sorry ladies, I think deep down you know that Seth is right on. Surely... deep down you must know! I am a breastfeeding & formula supporter all the same, but seeing a little girl out in public imi... Read More »