What's your justification for killing defenseless plants?

Answer Pain and fear are reactions to danger that keep us alive. Our understanding of pain requires the stimulation of a nervous system as a requirement though, even though chemicals can be triggered in ... Read More »

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What can raise the pH without killing your plants?

Answer Dolomite lime is typically used to raise soil pH (make more alkaline).

Whats the best way to get rid or rats without killing them?

Get some plug-in ultrasonic deterrents. They make a high pitch sound that rodents can't stand.

Black Gnats Are Killing My Tomato Plants?

Black gnats that attack tomatoes aren't gnats at all but are more likely flea beetles, which are tiny black beetles that feed on tomato seedlings. They will attack more mature plants, but the damag... Read More »

A White Powdered Fungus Is Killing Our Plants?

Powdery mildew is a disease caused by several related fungi. While several fungi are involved, the symptoms are typically the same -- a powdery white growth all over the plant. It rarely kills th... Read More »