Whats your funniest drinking story?

Answer Hm well once at one of my friends parties, I was walking into the house from outside and didn't realize the glass sliding doors were closed, and of course walked into them and broke them off the hi... Read More »

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What's Your Funniest Parenting Story?

Last month my son and I went to swimming class one evening. He was 18-months at that time. We finished swimming and me and another mom got out of the pool and set our kids down next to each other... Read More »

Whats the funniest song you've ever heard in your life?

This Song I Heard The Other Night On TMF Called "Gay Boyfriend" I Don't Remember Who Sang It But Its Really Strange

Whats the funniest insult someone has made about your music taste?

"You can't listen to death're a blue-eyed, blonde, cheerleader...what's wrong with you?"

Whats the funniest thing that your child has done and made you smile?

when my husband was teaching and playing football with our youngest son, 3yrs, my son would do the following:take the ball in his hands and get into a hike position. Scream a bunch of random number... Read More »