Whats your first memory?

Answer I remember seeing Santa in 1976.I got a dolls bathroom set, all pink.It was quite nice also.My mother was wearing her black leather jacket with a red pants.Stylish stuff in those days.I was about 1... Read More »

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My sony hd Webbie flashes format error and it says "no memory space in memory stick" whats wrong with it?

maybe just try to take the battery and memory completely out, and check it again...... lemme know

Whats Ram Memory?

Ram memory is temporary memory. It is what makes a computer usable. It carries all of the data that you are currently using, which makes it possible to minimize and flip to other pages and then be ... Read More »

Whats The Difference Between Memory and Ram?

RAM is Random Access Memory. There are other types of memory as well: Virtual Memory, Cached Memory, etc.

Whats written on my memory card?

That means Class 4 speed. The class system tells the read and write times of the card, on a scale of 10 (higher is faster). Unless you're buying it for a digital camera, it doesn't matter that much