What's your favourite wine and why?

Answer Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Cherry undertones, peppery spice, full body, lingering aftertaste.

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Whats your favourite wine ?

A sparkling white like an Asti, or champagne always does the trick bex !

What's your favourite white wine?

White wine is usually honking , the only exception being an expensive Chablis, and believe me you have to pay for the quality. Red wine is the future. Have a few glasses of this and you will real... Read More »

I used to hate red wine, but now I think it's becoming my favourite drink. Is this common?

Yes, as you get older your taste buds fine tune and mature But there is 1 thing about Red, don't over do it, it can give you one hell of a Hangover and Headache :(

Whats your favourite car?

volks wagon beetle..especially the new ones..they are soo cute to look at..oh and also the new minis....great car..