What's your favourite white wine?

Answer White wine is usually honking , the only exception being an expensive Chablis, and believe me you have to pay for the quality. Red wine is the future. Have a few glasses of this and you will real... Read More »

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Whats your favourite wine ?

A sparkling white like an Asti, or champagne always does the trick bex !

Can I drink a bottle of white wine after ingesting a litre of red wine, or will it make me really sick?

Yes --- drinking 2 bottles of any wine (within a few hours or so) will either make you sick, or very very sleepy and maybe both.

Is pink moscato considered a white wine Also, what are the ingredients of this wine?

Technically it's a rose although as far as I'm concerned if it's not a red wine that automatically makes it a white wine.So in other words, you're allowed to drink wine regardless of it's colour wh... Read More »

I've been drinking red wine and am now out, but have some white wine how can I go the change over without?

The only reason you would feel sick tomorrow would be if you stopped drinking long enough to sober up. Just keep a steady stream of alcohol in your system and all will be right with the world.