What's your favourite tinned soup, not neccesarily brand but flavour?

Answer What else but the good old Chambell's Cream of Mushroom. You can do a million things with it and it still taste good.1. Add water to have normal cream of mushroom soup.2. Add water and fresh slice... Read More »

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What is your favourite brand and flavour soy milk?

I like chocolate Silk. mmmmmmmmmm nummyness.

Whats your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Whats your favourite ice cream flavour?

Whats your favourite flavour of crisps?

McCoy's Salt and Vinegar with a pint of Fosters. Gives you a marmitey taste in the mouth. Mmmm.Oo and I love pickled onion Monster Munch. Great when you want to eat crap.