What's your favourite pizza topping?

Answer lots of cheese and lots of mushrooms!so delicious...:)

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Favourite Pizza Topping?

Extra cheesePepperoniMushroomsPineapple tidbits ღღღ

What's your favorite pizza topping and hot dog topping?

Pizza - extra Mozzarella cheese, sliced Calabresa sausage, Cheddar and Bacon.Hot dog - melted Cheddar, Shoestring Potato, Ketchup and Mustard.

Whats your favourite- Chinese, Indian, Fish and Chips, Thai, Pizza, Mexican or Sushi!!?

Sushi and Chinese. They are the best!! I can eat them EVERYDAY without feeling sick of them. Yummmmmyyyy!!! Yesterday I had Chinese, today I'll have Chinese again, and tomorrow I'll make sushi! I h... Read More »

Whats ur favourite pizza toppings?