Whats your favourite cure for an headache from hell?

Answer naproxim sodium...which I see by the way you spell "favorite", that is, with a U, means that you're from the UK. So you won't know what naproxim sodium is. More's the pity. I swear, I can't figure ... Read More »

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Whats a good cure for a headache?

what i do is make circular motions with my fingers in my temple area clockwise and counter clockwise .. go out when you feel better and do something completely that you haven't done before and Relax

*UGH! I have the cramps from hell. How Can I Cure Them?

Men should not be allowed to answer this question! :)I feel your pain, I used to get horrible cramps. The best cure for me was heat. Drink some hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Get a heating ... Read More »

What's your favourite movie quote that mentions the word hell?

The one that comes right to my mind is a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl. The scene is when Sparrow is locked up behind bars when the pirates of the Black Pearl ra... Read More »

When you have a headache what is the best cure?

i nice warm bath, a hot towel over your face and nice dark light then you can't hear or see and all you fell is warmth i know it sounds a little gay but it works if you don't like pills