What's your favourite cake?

Answer Chocolate eclair. Do I get a prize for being your hundredth answerer?

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Survey: What is your favourite kind of cake?

I like Black Forest cake - it's a German classic ;)

Shall we bake a cake Please add your favourite ingredient ....?

Many years ago, it would have been spiced rum!Now, it's a toss up between coconut and pecans...(lurves coconut and pecan pies)

Survey: What is your least favourite kind of cake?

I'm not a fan of red velvet cake. I don't like the butter-cream frosting or the thick carrot-cakeish texture of the cake. Love the German black-forest cake :-)

Whats your favourite car?

volks wagon beetle..especially the new ones..they are soo cute to look at..oh and also the new minis....great car..