Whats your favourite biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea?

Answer Twix! I love it when the chocolate & caramel goes all gooey!!

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Whats your favourite bicky u like to dunk in a cuppa ?

Survey: Whats your favourite biscuit/cookie?

i love homemade white chocolate chip, they're the greatest! i also really love the soft white sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles that you can only get at the grocery store, i think the brand... Read More »

How to Dunk a Teddy Bear Biscuit in Milk?

Teddy Bear Biscuits, are encased in a light layer of chocolate, and thus cannot be dunked in milk effectively because there is no way for the milk to get into the biscuit nor a way for the oxygen t... Read More »

What's your favourite biscuit?