Whats your favorite vodka 10pts?

Answer Kettle1, Straight Up, Olives. It's made from 100% Wheat. It's crisp and clear and smooth. I don't care for flavored Vodkas, although, they do make a Citron which is just fine for an occasional C... Read More »

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What's your favorite song 10pts.?

walking on air - Kerliand anything by cute is what we aim for

Vodka... Whats the best mixer to go with Vodka ?

Whats your favorite color Whats your least favorite color?

My favourite is teal/aqua/turquoise. I can't stand brown except if it's natural wood, and I think putting brown with another colour is a good way to ruin the look of the other colour. Trendy or not... Read More »

Experienced boozers: What are your favorite brands of each of these liquors: gin, vodka, rum, rye, scotch?

gin: bombay sapphire,vodka: belvidere, ketel one, grey gooserum: goslingsrye: rock n rye ?( never drink the stuff)scotch: macallan