What's your favorite type of Birthday Cake?

Answer Mine is marble cake with Butter cream frosting with a layer of fresh strawberries in the middle...YUMMY!! Happy Birthday my friend!

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What is your favorite type of Birthday Cake?

Well, there was this one time when I was a kid I had this deformed home-made Victoria sandwich cake, with kind of light brown pinkish icing on the top, the sponge was crumbly and sticky. I was sitt... Read More »

Wat is ur favorite type of cake?

☻Chocolate☻Black Forest☻Cheesecake☻Tiramisu

Whats ur favorite type of pie?

Chicken and gravy (I only like savoury pies, not sweet)

Whats your favorite type of cereal?

Depends, I like eating some cereal right out of the box. I like to eat Cookie Crisp and Cinnamon Toast Crunch that way. I only eat Honey Bunches of Oats and Captin Crunch with Crunch Berries in mil... Read More »