What's your favorite soup that you make yourself?

Answer Vegetable Soup.1kg Brisket Bones. 3 Celery stems diced.3 Medium carrots diced.1 Large onion diced.1 Packet soup mix (split peas etc).Additional vegetablesIn a 10l stock pot brown the Brisket Bones ... Read More »

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Soup question, Do you make it yourself or buy the soup in a can?

Hi Bobby, I can make a mean homemade potato soup..YummyYour Friend,poppy1

Whats your favorite Movie that isnt very well known?

this may be an unfair answer. I have always enjoyed movies from the U.K. I feel that answering the question isn't fair because how many of you out there look for films made outside the U.S.? Oh ... Read More »

Whats your favorite make up tricks :) ?

i think you need to start with having great skin so this means eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. then regular cleansing and moisturising. I like to use a moisturiser which doesn't have ... Read More »

Whats the ingrediant in chicken noodle soup that makes you get a heart burn?