What's your favorite food or foods at a fair or amusment park?

Answer Funnel cakes with lots of powdered sugar with a lemon shake up to drink. The funnel cake violates probably every healthy food idea known to man, it's so loaded with fat (from frying) and sugar. It'... Read More »

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Whats your favorite food Whats the worst food you ever had?

Chicken Tarragon:Chicken breast rolled in flour, garlic, salt, pepper and tarragon - flash fried in butter.Next cover the chicken in a buttered dish with double cream mixed with salt pepper, tarrag... Read More »

What is your favorite fair food?

There's a festival about an hour from me where they cook cinnamon rolls outside over an open fire... OML! WONDERFUL...But, I love the polish sausage with peppers and onions, or a ribeye sandwich,... Read More »

Which concession food is your favorite at a fair?

Why..... Its.........GRILLED CHICKEN ON A STICK.A simple and common food favorite at many a fair.Not exotic, nothing to write home about, but let's face it.... how many people actually go home, sti... Read More »

Whats your favorite food(: ?

1. Spicy andha food gongura rice2. Veggie volocono pizza3. Proper south Indian food ( rice, pappad , sambar, vada, porridge)4. Couscous 5. Subway veg patty with south west chipotle sauce