What's your favorite flavor of soda?

Answer I freaking love Vanilla Coke, the vanilla adds a light cooling taste. Mountain Dew is really awesome too (i think its better than sprite). Its too bad I have to stay away from soda because im pregn... Read More »

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Whats your favorite flavor of gum?

Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?

Moose tracks! (choc ice cream with fudge and peanut butter can't go wrong!) As long as it doesn't have that nasty ice frost layer at the top...ick.

Whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

French Vanilla; Coconut; Chocolate; Vanilla Bean; Butter Pecan; Maple Walnut...

Whats your favorite flavor of potato chips?

Ruffles sour cream and cheddar cheese;) YUMMMMMYY:D