Whats your favorite cut of beef. Also rare, medium or well done.?

Answer Fillet Mignon - Medium Rare, more on the rare then the medium.

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How do you like your steak, rare, medium, or well done?

Rare, I actually like to taste the spices.

Beef "well done or rare"?

How to Make a Medium Rare Roast Beef?

Beef has always been one of the more expensive meats, especially premium-quality cuts, so families for generations have saved dishes like roast beef for special occasions. The centerpiece of tradit... Read More »

How do you get tender but well done roast beef?

wrap it in foil when you cook it and put a drop of water in the bottom of the casserole dish and a lid on to keep the moisture in.....slow and steady and it will melt in your mouth mmmmmm enjoy!!