Whats your favorite cut of beef. Also rare, medium or well done.?

Answer Fillet Mignon - Medium Rare, more on the rare then the medium.

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How to Make a Medium Rare Roast Beef?

Beef has always been one of the more expensive meats, especially premium-quality cuts, so families for generations have saved dishes like roast beef for special occasions. The centerpiece of tradit... Read More »

How do you like your steak, rare, medium, or well done?

Rare, I actually like to taste the spices.

Beef "well done or rare"?

How do you tell if a steak is medium rare without cutting into it?

Restaurants use the hand guide. Touch your thumb to your first finger closest to it. Touch your palm with your other hand. This is how tender a rare steak should be. Touch your thumb to your second... Read More »