What's your favorite birth control (women only plz)?

Answer I've only used the Pill. I've been on it for almost 4 years & haven't had to switch. I've been using Triphasil-28 (or Trivora which is the generic) & have had NO problems whatsoever with it. I've h... Read More »

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Whats the best form of birth control?

an aspirinjust place between your knees and hold it there with your knees

What does birth control do to a women?

Birth control helps prevent unwanted children for women. It also helps women regulate their period.

Do you think that women should be able to use birth control pills?

Oh geeeee whizz! Then i guess we should be locking up all the baby killing men that masturbate! They are killing hundreds of thousands of "potential" children all around the world!Give me a break. ... Read More »

Can women get immune to birth control after a while?

there is no medical "immunity" to pills. but your question is about birth control, and this has a very wide scope, including natural family planning, calendar method, tubal (fallopian tube) ligatio... Read More »