What's your fave sandwich roast ham or roast beef.?

Answer Ham if its off the bone yummy yummy. lolz

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Roast Beef sandwich Grilled vegetables Sandwich Or a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich Which from this list->?

Grilled veggies all the way. PBJ is ok for a midnight snack, but on Ritz

I left my roast beef sandwich in the room for two days, can I still eat it?

No. Meat left at room temperature (even overnight) is a great place to find bacteria. This temperature is also called the "danger zone". Don't eat it.

Coconut Creme Pie or Lemon Meringue Pie Tuna sandwich or Roast Beef Sandwich Grapefruit or Lemon?

Coconut Creme Pie or Lemon Meringue Pie? Lemon Meringue PieTuna sandwich or Roast Beef Sandwich? None I'm a vegetarianGrapefruit or Lemon? Lemon

Chicken Taco Broccoli Pizza Or Roast Beef Sandwich Which from this list do you like better?

Chicken Taco with guacamole, sour cream and cheeseBroccoli Pizza with Chicken and Garlic on white sauceRoast Beef Sandwich with Au jus dipping sauce yum!Good morning Scooter~