Whats your fav drink, Tea or Coffee?

Answer i prefer tea with milk and some biscuit

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Coffee Lovers: Do you drink flavoured coffee, if so what it your favourite?

Caramel Iced coffee or latte.Who's trigger happy here with all the TD?We're only naming flavors.Is there a new sheriff in town?Is it the pussycat?

I usually just drink strong black coffee, what is your favourite kind of coffee, and why?

I like dark roast arabica beans. In the morning I have my coffee medium strong with about a desert spoonful of milk added but not stirred, that's just enough to take the edge off without losing th... Read More »

How do you drink your coffee?

Depends on the mood. Mostly black. Sometimes with cream and sugar. Sometimes just sugar. But mostly black.

Whats your favourite in starbucks coffee?

I love the mocha frapachino with extra whip cream and a requested addition of caramel. its totally awesome =]