What's your everyday diet?

Answer Breakfast: glass of water (0 cals)Snack: Sugar free gum (6 cals)Lunch: 2L of water (0cals) 2x low weat cracker with tomato (total of 52 cals)Snack: Diet cokeDinner: 1 cup of veges ( around... Read More »

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What should a 16 year old female have in her everyday diet?

Too much of anything would be bad for the average person. e.g: just because apples are healthy it probably would not be a good idea to eat 400 apples a day and nothing else. Everything in moderatio... Read More »

Do you take a mulitvitamin everyday to make up for what you don't get in your diet?

I admit I have them and I try to remember, but i confess i don't always.

Whats your favorite everyday beer and why?

Shiner Bock, cuz it doesn't really have that nasty beer after taste

Whats your everyday makeup routine?

It really depends on what type of skin you have.Oily.Dry.Both.I have oily skin so I usually just wash my face and skip moisturiser. I use Maybelline pure mineral liquid foundation and put a light l... Read More »