What's your cure for the hiccups?

Answer I lean back and relax and pay attention to my breathing while focusing on something distant, like a light or a spot on the wall. Hiccups are just spasms of the diaphragm, so if you can relax yours... Read More »

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What would you say is the best cure for hiccups?

Take deep breaths and then drink water "upside down". Really, what that means is you just want the water to run over the top of your mouth. Do this by drinking from the opposite side of the cup you... Read More »

Does anyone know a cure for the hiccups?

no cure, its in ur diaphragm. the reason people have cures to tell u is because statistically people's hiccups had to stop while they were doing the act at least some of the time, but it does not ... Read More »

How can I cure the hiccups?

I get rid of the hiccups by taking fast, deep breaths. Then taking long deep breaths, an alternating until they stop.

Does anyone have a cure for hiccups?