What's your computer's name ?

Answer i named mine speed_demon...when i got it, it was one of the fastest ones's a bot slower now tho lol...

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Whats the diference between MB and GB on my computers memory?

MB is in 10^6 bytes, while GB is in 10^9 bytes

Whats a good major to go into I like computers a lot and I'm not really a talkative person?

In graphic design you have to be really talkative and most of the designing is done by hand and software is used to enhance it. What kind of designing do you do. Web, Graphics, Games, Interior. Thi... Read More »

Why does file fragmentation not occur on Apple Macintosh computers like with Windows computers?

Disk optimization is a process in which the physical locations of files on a volume are "streamlined." Files and metadata are re-arranged in order to improve data access times and minimize time mov... Read More »

I have 6 computers and 1 broad band connected in a Lan network. How to share internet with all computers .?

You need at least a 6 port router, preferable a wireless one.